DARLING BERLIN steht für frische

und ungewöhnliche Independent-Filme

aus der Hauptstadt.


Effektiv und mit Herzblut dreht eine neue Generation von Regisseuren und Schauspielern komisches und dramatisches  Kino von unten. Berührend, authentisch, ohne Konventionen, ohne Kompromisse.  Die Herzen des Berliner Publikums haben sie schon erobert. Die UCM.ONE GmbH als Initiator hat es sich mit Darling Berlin zur Aufgabe gemacht, diese Filme dem Rest Deutschlands und der Welt näher zu bringen.

DARLING BERLIN represents fresh and exciting independent cinema straight from the German capital.


Often underfunded but with a lot of heart and a story to tell, a whole new generation of filmmakers and actors is producing movies that are down to earth yet skillfully defy expectations. No rules. No compromise. Deeply funny, genuinely moving and refreshingly different. With the Berlin audience already convinced, UCM.ONE, the creators of DARLING BERLIN, has been dedicated to making these movies accessible to the rest of the world.






His feature film project has just crashed. Instead, director Lászlo accompanies his son’s band PeroPero on their tour through Japan. Together with his partner Emma, he plans to shoot a documentary film about the band from Berlin. Landed in Tokyo, trouble begins: the tour manager Nahoko falls in love with Lászlo. He hesitates at first, but the energy of the young woman carries him away. When Emma intervenes, not only Lászlos life but also the film project starts to crumble.

LOST IN THE LIVING  by Robert Manson

Following a young man, Oisín (Tadhg Murphy), who travels to the city with his band, buzzing with the potential of a tour and escape from his troubled family life. Oisín meets Sabine (Aylin Tezel), a pretty young Berliner, who shows him the secret places that belong to the city. The band lose patience with him and move on and he decides to stay.

BACK TO NOTHING by Miron Zownik

Photographer, author and filmmaker Miron Zownir’s second feature film, “Back to Nothing”, was shot on abandoned, dilapidated locations in Berlin. A group of freaks subsist as city nomads in an uncontrolled ghetto, doomed for demolition. Hell breaks loose when their last hide out – a condemned factory complex – is to be knocked down. Kongo, Strasser, Bobby and Jackie are heading out – back to nothing. Zownir’s stark b/w imagery depicts an erratic, immoral shadow world without hope or mercy, that forces his protagonists to the lowest level of survival.


The summer holidays have just begun in Brandenburg, but ten-year-old Lea (Lisa Moell) does not go to camp this year with her friends as she normally would. Lately she has been finding the other girls in her school increasingly strange anyway. So Lea ends up driving her bike through the village all by herself and visits Mark (Mex Schlüpfer), an old musician, who lives on a dilapidated farm. One afternoon, Lea rambles through the village and discovers five boys lifting a large blue oil barrel over the fence of a paint factory and driving away with their prey on a bicycle trailer ...


AWAY YOU GO by Philipp Eichholtz

They say it’s easy to grow up but hard to be a grown-up. Berliner Charlie is certainly finding it damn hard differentiating between her own expectations and those of the people around her. Her boyfriend Marco wants to have a baby and, without being asked, her colleague Gerry offers up his own opinion: ‘What? You’ve been together for five years? Then there’ll soon be three of you!’ But Charlie’s not sure if it would be nice to have a child or whether it would mean she’d just lose sight of herself

UGLY & BLIND by Tom Lass

Ferdi thinks he’s ugly – but likes the fact Jona is interested in him. Maybe because she’s blind. What Ferdi doesn’t suspect: She’s just pretending to be blind to be able to live cheaply in subsidized housing. How long can she maintain her charade? Can love, which is supposed to make you blind, even work out that way?

ROCKET PERELMAN by Oliver Alaluukas

How do we want to live together? Ten people in the middle of nowhere in Brandenburg attempt to answer this question, living amidst greenery, techno and theatre. In the artist colony Rocket Perelman they live out their version of freedom and independence - each to their own and all for the collective.  Jen is new to the Rocket. In her mid-20s, she's gotten out of the city, out of the rat-race and is delving into a new life. But the Rocket needs money and the solution lies - where else? - in art or, more specifically, a play. Jen finds herself taking up the lead role in a play that gradually overtakes reality and tests the idealism of the entire community to its limits.

BEAT BEAT HEART by Luise Brinkmann

Kerstin (Lana Cooper)has been actively waiting for her

ex (Till Wonka) to come back for months now. She has made herself comfortable with sickly sweet daydreaming, when suddenly her mother, Charlotte (Saskia Vester), rings at her door, needing a place to stay. For mom has accidentally broken up with her common-law spouse and does not know where else to go now. Both women handle their yearning completely differently, when Kerstin‛s housemate (Christin Nichols) convinces Charlotte to start dating men, via app ...

PACE COWBOY, PACE by Timo Jacobs

Cowboy has a vision. He wants to save the planet with his movement of Free Swingers so he applies for a grant at The Central Agency who sends a representative named Fey of Sweden to approve Cowboys proposal. She demands results and he decides to stage a charity bicycle rally featuring a roster of two-wheeled Berlin misfits.

WIR SIND DIE FLUT by Sebastian Hilger

On the coastline of Windholm one morning 15 years ago the ocean just disappeared. Since then the emptiness has been raising questions and anxiety. The cause of the phenomenon remains unclear. With a new theory at hand the physicist Micha (28) is one of many young scientists who is trying to get his hands on to one of his university’s rare scholarships to explore the phenomena. After the many years of work he has put into the project he must once again see how a bold idea ends at the doors of the antiquated establishment – he receives a rejection.

LUCA TANZT LEISE by Philipp Eichholtz

 After a dark period in her life, Luca (Martina Schöne-Radunski) decides to finally finish her A-levels. Her little dog Mata brings her joy and mental support during that difficult time. In order to pass her math exam, she sets up a deal with Kurt: they will help each other.


ANTONS FEST by John Kolya Reichart

Eight people come together on a farm in the middle of nowhere. All of them are related by blood, friendship or love to Anton, who escaped his old life and disappeared some years ago and who has now invited them to celebrate his 30th birthday. Anticipating the reunion with their lost son, they put old grievances and injuries aside at first; however, as time passes without Anton showing up, frustration and anger resurface among the waiting. With old conflicts rising from the dead at every turn, the eagerly awaited party turns into a boiling family battle...

LOTTE by Julius Schultheiß

Lotte is impulsive, rough around the edges and leads a colourful life on the streets of Berlin, stumbling from man to man and flat to flat. One night in her local bar she bumps into Marcel, an almost forgotten acquaintance. Just after he recognises her Lotte takes flight, finding refuge in the flat of her friend Sabine. The following day, the events of the previous evening still grate on Lotte and she cannot seem to shake them off – even during her work at the hospital. A young girl, Greta, is brought in, Lotte takes care of her and a gentle affection develops between them ...

SCHMITKE by Štepán Altrichter

In Schmitke ‘s life there is something lurking behind the bushes. Some mysterious growling from the forest, from deep within? When he’s sent to the Czech-German border to repair a similarly unfortunate old windmill, things start to get strange. Very, very strange.

KEIN ZICKENFOX by Dagmar Jäger & Kerstin Polte

EVERYTHING BUT OOM-PA-PA is about the world's biggest women's wind orchestra and how sixty-six "ordinary" women together manage to bring something really great on stage! Once a week, sixty-six women in their early 20s to mid-70s with their twenty-one different instruments and the widest possible range of female life plans and stories come together in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


LIEBE MICH! by Philipp Eichholtz

Sarah’s MacBook Air flies out of the window when she is throwing an angry fit after an argument with her supposedly best friend. They just spent the night together but he’s not on the same page as her regarding of this new development in their relationship. Stupidly enough, her whole week’s work is on that broken laptop. But maybe the nice guy from the computer repair store can fix it? Or maybe he can fix her life altogether? He is trying to do both and Sarah lets him, because behind her loud and impulsive façade she has a big desire for love.

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AMOK - HANSI GEHT`S GUT von Zoltan Paul

"AMOK – Hansi is doing well" is a psychodrama about the time that has come to a halt on the way to one's autumn of life and doesn't find prospects anymore. A movie about the inner pressure that is leading to wrong decisions and that can only explode in the end. The camera follows the main character in suggested real time. Out of the flat, down the street, heading to work. Lorenz Fuchs is stuck in a torturous process. The viewer is drawn into the thrilling wake of a maze of emotions. Sad, disturbing and very close to life.

DAS FLOSS! by Julia C. Kaiser

Katha is sure: she wants to marry Jana and she wants to have a baby with her. But Katha’s childhood friend Charly has a special surprise for her: A bachelorette’s night out with the „guys“. A weekend. The five of them. On a raft. There is Ken, her „new“ best friend, her little brother Tobi and, alas, Momo, the future sperm donor: this is bound to end badly.  Floating! – an improvised tragicomedy on water.




HOMESICK by Jakob M.Erwa

Ambitious cello student Jessica moves into a new flat, together with her boyfriend Lorenz. When she receives the honorable invitation to represent Germany in an international contest for classic music it seems to be her great opportunity – at the same time it means enormous pressure. In her home, Jessica starts to prepare herself meticulously for the contest. However, her own four walls don’t seem to give her shelter as Jessica finds herself more and more exposed to small and major anonymous harassments. What is the neighbor's involvement prying mysteriously behind half-closed curtains?


Hermann Güden, a farmer from East Germany, is tired of the harassments of the top brass of the Socialist Party. He is no longer willing to submit to the forced collectivization in his Saxony-Anhalt village, because this status quo doesn't offer him any perspective anymore. So, he starts planning his escape to West Germany long beforehand. First, Güden sends his wife and child to West Berlin and then wants to follow them as soon as possible. However, the Socialist Party apparatchiks somehow got wind of the situation.

NACHTHELLE by Florian Gotschick

It's set out to be an idyllic weekend. Anna and Stefan, Bernd and Marc - two couples spending a few days in the countryside. The expanding open-cast coal mining operation which will soon be swallowing town, woods and meadows, brings them back to their hometown. The place is almost deserted. Nevertheless, the four protagonists are enjoying their visit to the moribund village - when an old debt about to be cashed in starts to invade Anna/s mind.



The turbulent relationship between Oskar and Alex ends in a big blaze, Alex has set in Oskar's apartment. So Oskar decides that everything shall be different with the next one and he makes a deal with fun-loving Masha: sleeping together but no making love. They both drift through Berlin and through their lives, sometimes playful, sometimes obsessively. And even Masha has her issues. While trying to build up a “normal” relationship, both Masha and Oskar reach their limits.



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PLAYGIRL by Will Tremper

Alexandra Borowski, a highly paid super model in her twenties, is one of these Jet Set girls that are one day in New York, the other day on the Bermudas and heading to Rome the day after. She never stays in a hotel for very long, she never stays with a man for very long. Having just arrived in Berlin, several men are already trying to win Alexandra's favour: Bogdan, a shady bar owner from Jugoslavia, a young industrialist and the Italian photographer Timo. Dinner parties, theater visits, strolls through the nocturnal scene and parties alternate.

LOVE STEAKS by Jakob Lass

A luxury hotel. Steaks frizzle, muffintops getting massaged. Clemens (rare) joins the wellness area as a rookie. Lara (well-done) needs to assert herself in the kitchen pack. The elevator brings the two of them together. They encounter each other, until they clash..



At some point, they have to meet finally: Alina and Nico are in love as of late and have decided to introduce their parents to each other - notoriously a venturous enterprise. And so, Maja and Uwe are reluctant to their daughter’s plan. Nevertheless, the family hits the road to the “big house” of her boyfriend, as Alina announces it, somewhere in the Berlin hinterlands. After the house turns out to be a genuine castle, Maja has to face the additional fact that she knows Nico’s father much better than she would prefer in this situation. One thing’s for sure: that sounds great!



PAPA GOLD by Tom Lass

Denny is living the high life in Berlin and is having sex with a lot of girls. Denny got a mother. This mother just got a new husband: Frank. Denny hasn't talked to his mother in 10 years. Frank wants to change this. He takes a train to Berlin. Who's gonna be the first to mature?

MAUERPARK by Dennis Karsten

They are called Dr. Motte and Wladimir Kaminer but also Schraubermicha or Ginger Brown. They and many others are visitors to the Mauerpark. The film tells the stories of people from the East Berlin city park between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding. Today, the park offers above all space for artistic creativity and is an intercultural meeting place for people from all walks of society, for individualists, artists, sportsmen and women, musicians and brings them together. The uniqueness of the park lies in the peaceful coexistence of alternative life styles, fringe groups and subcultures..

BERLINIZED by Lucian Busse

Berlin in the 1990s: amongst great political change and in the shadow of ultra-commercialized Techno culture, there existed a parallel universe, now mostly forgotten, but defining for the feeling and lifestyle of the city: the world of basement bars and off-creatives. After the Wall fell, a lively and very motley scene of young people used the vacant houses and apartments in Berlin-Mitte as a stage for living and celebrating their sense of easygoing freedom. Long-term success was not an important category -- people lived their lives from one event to the next experiment, playfully de-establishing art and its market imperatives.